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11.Do you provide on-site installation?

Yes, our engineers will go to the site to install the dinosaurs according to customer requirements.

1.What is the price of your product?

The price shall be based on product's specification, such us dinosaur model, size, movements, and other customer's requirements.

2.How to start the animatronic dinosaurs?

There are 5 options for you to choose as following:

A). Coin operated

B). Infrared sensor

C). Swiping card

D). Remote control

E). Initiate Button

3. Can your models be customized?

Yes, Our models' size, color, movements,shapes etc. can be customized as customer's requirements.

4. Why do you spend a longer time in the production compared to other suppliers?

We focus on "quality" instead of "quantity", quality products always need more time.

The reasons are:

A). To purchase reliable and qualified pneumatic actuators and electrical actuators from our suppliers.

B). To design the customized motions and posture of dinosaur in order to meet Customer’s requirements.

C). To spend enough time in welding and testing joints to ensure the quality and strength of the weld.

D). Aging test will run for 72 hours on the mechanical and electrical performances.

E). The colors and patterns of skin are painted strictly following the requirements of the clients.

F). To proceed reliability test upon the completion of the production for another 100 hour afer normal 100 hours testing on finished products to ensure the quality.

5.How do you assure the quality of your dinosaur?

Qualification of Materials: The steels must be qualified for meeting requirements of the Chinese National Standard and must be free of inferiors. Electrical parts and components will be examined to exclude any defects.

Welds: our engineers will be dedicated to ensure a complete melting and interactions between the base material, filler material, and flux material. The site manager along with engineer superior will be responsible for inspecting the reliability of welding points. At the end of this stage, all welds will be free of defects such as: gas inclusions, lack of fusion, incomplete penetration, cracks, and non-metallic inclusions.

Frames Testing: we test frames upon the completion of mechanics and electrical controls, continuous observation and record are required. If any issues are found during the process, we will correct it immediately.

Electrical Safety Check: include ground resistance testing, insulation resistance testing, electrical strength testing, etc.

Finished Product Testing for 100 hours

6. Is the sound for your dinosaurs synchronized to the movements of the dinosaurs?

Yes. Through our particular design, the mouth will gradually move first, and then sound follows immediately afterward, making it look like the dinosaur opened its mouth a little before sound off. The sound ends as the mouth closes. The length of soundtrack is critical to the synchronization as well, so we have professional sound engineer to compose a right soundtrack to fit the time frame of mouth movement and the personality of the dinosaur.

7.Will your dinosaur be capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, such as frozen, hot?

Yes. In extreme weather conditions, the electronics inside the control enclosures are very possibly affected under subzero and hot weathers, so we have designed a thermostat in the control box, the device starts to make the built-in calorifier warm the entire controller while ambient temperature goes below 2℃ and to stop working while the temperature reaches 5℃. Also, in order to prevent an overheat of controller under hot weather, the built-in mini fan can keep the system cool. 

8.What about guarantee period?

24 Months (After the warranty period, we can provide life-long after-sale service).

9.Can they operate well out side in the Rain and Sunshine?

Yes,as we have special materials on the skin of the dinosaur to protect them from water or sunshine.

10. Can you produce any other kinds of Dinosaur/Animal?

Yes, if you can not find your wished dinosaurs/animal styles,you can email us dinosaurs/animals photos that you interested in. Based on 20 years technology and experience, we can provide any kind of Dinosaurs/Animals with any size,any appearance....

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