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Science of the simulating dinosaurs
Science of the simulating dinosaursScience of the simulating dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were a type of reptile from the Mesozoic era (230 million years ago). Their lithe limbs, long tail, and large body are the reflection of most dinosaur...

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Introduce some popular dinosaurs to our children
Introduce some popular dinosaurs to our childrenIntroduce some popular dinosaurs to...

Introduce some popular dinosaurs to our childrenChildren are always curious about the world, especially the former dinosaur world. When children see dinosaurs o...

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Fiberglass Dinosaur Sculpture
Fiberglass Dinosaur SculptureFiberglass Dinosaur Sculpture

The growing number of dinosaur gardens has attracted a lot of visitors. Dinosaur models must be included in the dinosaur garden. The fiberglass dinosaur sculptu...

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Production of Fiberglass Dinosaur Sculpture
Production of Fiberglass Dinosaur SculptureProduction of Fiberglass Dinosaur S...

Fiberglass dinosaur sculpture is a very common type of sculpture nowadays. Many dinosaur sculptures are placed in various places to attract people's attention. ...

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The Product Description of the Animatronics Dinosaurs on ride.
The Product Description of the Animatronics Dinosaurs on ride.The Product Description of the Anim...

1. The dinosaur for ride are about 2 meters long, 0.45 meters wide and about 0.5 meters tall. 2. Conventional sizeof amusement kid ride on dinosaur equipment: 1...

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Technical Parameters And Types of Electric Animal Ride
Technical Parameters And Types of Electric Animal RideTechnical Parameters And Types of E...

A: Main technical parameters of electric animal ride:1. Specification: the length is 120, the width is 60, and the height is 90.2. The material is national stan...

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Production of Animatronics Dinosaurs
Production of Animatronics DinosaursProduction of Animatronics Dinosaur...

The rapid development of animatronics dinosaurs in recent years and the mysterious beast in ancient times not only bring us the value of research, but also the ...

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Electric Animal Ride
Electric Animal RideElectric Animal Ride

Electric animal ride is an electric toy which integrates children's toys, plush toys, children's cars, entertainment cars and electric cars. The electric animal...

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