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Zigong Kawah Handicrafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been an integral part of the animatronic products industries since 2011. Our Company proudly keeps sharp growing after 6-years business of simulation dinosaurs. We are well-known in China regarding realistic dinosaurs products over these years and we are making great efforts to be subsequently best-known throughout the world by the high standard handicraft which is on behalf of animatronic simulation products including like animatronic dinosaurs, animatronic animals and animatronic insects to name a few.

We have been designing and developing dinosaur series of products for years, for which we have a team of over 100 persons concentrating on design, research and manufacture.

We always play an important role in simulation dinosaurs especially in OEM/customized engineering and manufacturing. We have finished producing a lot of OEM designs for numerous customers over the past 6 years generally in the areas of products such as animatronic dinosaur/animal/insect model, riding dinosaur, walking dinosaur costume, walking dinosaur ride, dinosaur fossil replica, fiberglass simulation model, etc.

As well, by taking advantage of our talented team and excellent factory facilities, we are becoming one of the leading manufacturers of animatronic dinosaur series of products in China.

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